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Cheer for Her: HZAU Holds Fun Games for Women’s Day

On a bright and beautiful spring afternoon, HZAU celebrated International Women’s Day 2024 with Fun Games at the East Stadium on March 7th. Yao Jianglin,  chairman of Faculty and Staff Union, extended heartfelt greetings and best wishes on behalf of the University to all female employees and students.

Yao announces the start of the Fun Games (Photo/Wang Wenshuo)

In the sunshine, sports inflatables were well prepared on the pitch, eagerly awaiting the arrival of faculties and students ready to embark on a joyful journey.

The bustling East Stadium (Photo/Wang Wenshuo)

“Ready—go!” the referee commanded, and two ten-person teams began their march towards the finish line, each carrying a five-meter-diameter inflatable color ball. In the “Cautious Team”, all the participants advanced with one hand holding the handle and the other supporting the ball, carefully coordinating their steps. The “Adventurous Team”, in contrast, opted to carry the ball with both hands, dashing forward. Occasionally, the ball tended to touch the ground, but it was lifted high again with a collective effort. “We’ve reached the finish line!” they exclaimed, looking at each other with knowing smiles.

Party Secretary Gao Chi joined the games with staff and students (Photo/Chuan Zhu)

The “Thunder Drums” area was alive with cheers and joy. Once the command “Ready” was given, everyone adjusted their formation. Upon hearing “Pull”, eight participants stepped back to tighten the rope before they gave it a forceful yank, making the ball bounce high. “One—two—three—” the players held their breath with their eyes on the small ball, and they counted its bounces and moved swiftly towards where the ball would land. Hagar, an international student, participated in the game with her husband and shared their excitement, “We always take part in and are very happy about the various festival-themed activities organized by our university. These activities are like spices of life, making our days more relaxing and enjoyable.”

Game “Thunder Drums”  (Photo/Chuan Zhu)

The “Writing a Magnificent Chapter” activity area was filled with laughter and cheers. Teams of four struggled to control the large inflatable pen. As the tip of the pen gently touched the water writing cloth, the handwriting was instantly legible. Despite the challenge of controlling the bulky pen, participants’ teamwork and coordination made the handwriting neater. “This is the last stroke. Keep going!” With a swift move to the right, the characters “Long Nian Da Ji(Good Luck in the Year of the Dragon)” appeared on the cloth, drawing applause and cheers from the audience.

Game “Composing a Magnificent Chapter” (Photo/Chuan Zhu)

Participants pose for pictures (Photo/Chuan Zhu)

“Go!” “Go!” In the “Run for the Future” area, the sound of cheering filled the air. Participants needed to overcome three challenges: “inflatable jungle”, “inflatable rollers”, and “inflatable pits” to reach the finish line. They tried every trick in the book and finally dashed towards the goal. A female teacher headed into the “jungle”, holding her baby’s hand. During the game, she consistently cared for and encouraged her baby as they tackled each challenge. Ultimately, they completed the game, celebrating their success with a high-five and a warm hug.

Game “Run for the Future”  (Photo/Wang Wenshuo)

“Inflatable pits” (Photo/Chuan Zhu)

The Game “Passing the Torch” was a lively display of teamwork. Ten participants formed a circle, each holding a giant inflatable column, with a leader in the center. The game required precise coordination; a misstep meant failure. The leader’s loud commands spurred rapid movement. Tang Zengzeng, an administrator, found the experience memorable, “The game, which brought together ten people at once, inspired me greatly with its enthusiasm. It was a pleasant surprise to relax and have fun with my colleagues outside the job.”

Game “Passing the Torch” (Photo/Chuan Zhu)

The organizer of the games shared, “The Women’s Day Fun Games has always been popular among teaching and administrative staff. This year, HZAU Faculty and Staff Union adopted an opener participation model, allowing faculty and students to sign up and form teams freely, fostering a joyful integration between faculty and students. We hope everyone can relax, enjoy the spring days, have fun in games and embrace new semester with a positive attitude.”


Translated by Zhang Yu

Proofread by Fu Wenyu

Supervised by Guo Haiyan