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HZAU Leaders Join Students for Inaugural Semester Classes

On February 26 started the inaugural classes of the new spring semester. HZAU’s Party Secretary Gao Chi and President Li Shaohu and more than 300 university administrators sat behind and took lectures with students in the same classrooms. A total of 595 classes for graduate and post-graduate students was taught by 455 teachers and witnessed over 30,000 attendances.

In 2023, China’s GDP increased by 5.2%”, Prof. Peng Wengang from the College of Marxism said, “During the latest Spring Festival, 474 million trips were made domestically, growing at 34.3%.” He shared the data with the students about China’s economic growth in 2023 and the Spring Festival cultural tourism market boom in 2024. He highlighted the significant improvements in China’s economy amidst unprecedented global changes and the joyful celebrations of the Spring Festival across the country.

Gao Chi interacts with the students.

Gao Chi expressed his perspectives to the students in the class. He emphasized the scientific nature of the Marxist theory. He hoped that they would approach studies with curiosity and deep reflection, focusing on the application of what they have learned and being committed to integrating the basic tenets of Marxism with the actual situation of China and with the fine traditional Chinese culture. He inspired the students to cultivate a strong ambition for their motherland through their studies and to embrace the responsibility of national rejuvenation.

Please look at these two sets of pictures, what have you found?” In the classroom of Ideology, Morality and the Rule of Law, Lecturer Ye Shengxuan of the College of Marxism showed the students four pictures: the signing scene of the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842 and the news picture of the Chinese delegation attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in 2023; the signing scene of the Boxer Protocol in 1901 and the China-U.S. High-Level Strategic Dialogue in 2021. “From being poor, weak and bullied, to being a strong and powerful nation standing in the Oriental world, China, a powerful country now, is in a new historical position. What should you, as college students, contribute to this new era?” She prompted the class with the questions during the introductory part of the course—New Era: The Historical Orientation We Are In.

Li Zhaohu addresses the students.

HZAU’s president, Li Zhaohu, was invited to share his valuable insights. He discussed the significance of ideology, morality, and the rule of law, emphasizing their direct relevance to our daily lives. Li encouraged students to continually apply themselves to real-life scenarios, cultivate critical thinking skills, enhance their analytical abilities, make informed decisions, and develop a keen sense of discernment. By doing so, they would be better equipped to recognize and challenge misguided thoughts and concepts. Ultimately, Li’s message resonated: strive for mental clarity in all pursuits.

Translated by Xie Tianwei

Proofread by Jin Yuxuan

Supervised by Jin Bei